Privacy Policy

Your employee's information is safe with us.

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Your Information is Your Information
We'll Keep it that Way

  • We won't sell your information to third party sites
  • We won't spam you (unless you're hungry)
  • We will pull statistical information about our users including:
    • Login count
    • Time-off and Swaps count
    • Amount of pageviews
    • * None of this information includes details about individual users
  • We will give you the opportunity to share your information (phone and email) with other employees if you choose.

We know some companies like to take your information and sell it for profit. We're not one of those guys. If the world was coming to an end and the only way to save it was selling your information to a spammer...
we'd pick out a good seat for the end.

In addition to us not giving out your information, we've also taken the liberty to set up an SSL Certificate for all apsects of the website just in case Zero Cool decides to try and decipher our code.

If you have any questions that aren't covered on this page, please Contact Us. Thanks for being awesome and trusting us with your personal details.

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