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1-20 employees
Billed annually or $27 monthly.
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21-40 employees
Billed annually or $37 monthly.
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41-60 employees
Billed annually or $67 monthly.
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61-100 employees
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Here's What You'll Get
Schedule Everyone, Instantly

Send Your Employee Schedule to Everyone

Obviously, employee scheduling is the main reason we created this software. We believe scheduling your staff should be simple, intuitive and most of all, save you time. When you're done creating your staff's schedule just click a button and everyone has it. Say "Goodbye" to phone calls.

Send Schedule Alerts

Send Out Employee Alerts

Need to inform the staff of a special or let them know about an upcoming meeting? Simply send out an alert from Your Next Seven. It's fast, easy and everyone receives it via SMS text, email or on the website.

Swap Days on the Schedule

Manage Schedule Change and Time-Off Requests

Throw away your request books and scrap pieces of paper, we're doing this 21st Century style. Once a manager has approved an employee's shift change or time-off request, all done through Your Next Seven, it automatically shows on the employee's schedule for the week.

Employee Information

Keep Track of Employee Information

Have a continually updated list of your employees' information including phone numbers, emails, certificates, payrate and even manager notes. If your employee gets a new phone number, all they have to do is update it in their account settings. Your Next Seven auto-updates the manager's employee list.

Scheduled Labor Costs

View Scheduled Labor Costs

When you schedule your employees you don't just want to know when they'll work, but how much their work will cost you. Let Your Next Seven do the calculations for you with our projected labor costs.


Keep Communication Simple

With Your Next Seven all of your employee communication can be kept within the software. Everything is stored on our secure servers so if you need to reference past schedules or communications all you have to do is pull up our online scheduling website on any desktop or smart phone.

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