Online Scheduling Statistics

Here's what we've found about scheduling employees online.

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Total Employee Logins


This number represents every time an employee logged in to:

  • Check their schedule.
  • Ask a manager a question.
  • Pick up a shift.
  • Request time off.

Estimated Time Saved


This number represents the managers' time saved:

  • Taking employee phone calls.
  • Answering simple questions.
  • Covering missed shifts.
  • Managing time off requests.

Other Scheduling Stats


This number represents other stats including:

  • Released shifts picked up.
  • Time off approved.
  • Employee alerts sent.
  • Employee messages sent.

Take 1 Restaurant for example:

Since registering in January 2011 they have saved approx. 625.5 hours just from using our system.

If your manager makes $12/hr. and time is money, then they have saved $7,506.00 just in scheduling alone. This doesn't even include the time saved by eliminating scheduling related phone calls. So, the question remains. Why not use an online scheduling software?

You will schedule faster, keep costs down and be organized.

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